3M Headlamp Restoration Equipment – How To Restore Your Hazy Headlamp Lens

Have your headlights have grow to be hazy? Not solely does it spoil the looks of you car, but it surely degrades the effectivity of the lights, which might be harmful in poor driving circumstances

There are three choices to resolve this. They’re, substitute the lights, get them repaired at a storage or purchase the 3M Headlight Restoration Equipment. Please observe – this package is for Plastic Headlight Lens Solely

To make use of the package you will have to have (or borrow) a battery or electrical drill with a velocity between 1200 – 1600rpm. If the drill is quicker than 1600rpm then it might trigger harm to the lens by overheating. Alternatively, if the drill is under 1200rpm then it won’t work effectively with this course of.

The package contains of:

1x Backing pad for attachment to the drill
1 x Comfortable Interface Pad
6 x P500 Sanding Discs
four x P800 Sanding Discs
1 x P3000 Trizact Disc
1 x Orange Foam Sprucing Pad
1 x 1oz bottle of Headlight Lens Polish Hat with light B07X9PVKM2

3M Headlight Restoration Equipment Course of

Clear the lens with soapy water

Use masking tape to guard any bodywork near the lens – put a minimum of two layers on any edges, as these will get broken if the sander slips

Mount the velcro backing pad into your hand drill.

Firstly match the mushy interface pad onto the backing pad, then match a P500 disc onto the interface pad and begin to sand the lens, ensuring that the sander is saved shifting always.

(failure to do that might trigger the plastic to overheat and burn) If the disc clogs up, it’s worthwhile to substitute it.

Wipe off the mud and make it possible for the entire lens is sanded evenly. Exchange the P500 disc with a P800 grade and repeat the method, once more wiping off the mud to make sure even sanding. Subsequent change the P800 disc with a P3000 Trizact grade. Utilizing a twig bottle, moist the disc and the headlamp lens earlier than sanding, and don’t let the lens dry out, spraying as required.

Now substitute the P3000 Trizact disc with the Orange Foam Sprucing Pad. Add a dime measurement quantity of polish to the pad and smear it on the lens. Now buff the lens till the haze has cleared (you might want to hold this out a few instances)

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